In accordance with Section X of Article 62 of the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” (No. 1556-VII dated 01.07.2014),  elective subjects  are subjects of free choice of students for a certain level of higher education, aimed at ensuring general and special (professional) competencies for specialty

The procedure of formation of the list, selection and further study by students of higher education of FBMI of elective academic disciplines within the limits stipulated by the relevant educational program and curriculum is determined by the ” Regulations on the procedure and conditions for students’ selection of elective academic disciplines of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering “.

Catalog of all-university optional academic disciplines

Catalogs of selective educational disciplines of professional training

The volume of the elective component for the first ( bachelor ) level of HE from the professional training cycle is at least  46  ECTS credits. The volume of the elective component for the second ( master’s ) level of HE is at least  22.5  ECTS credits for educational and professional programs and at least  30  ECTS credits for educational and scientific programs.

Students choose optional academic disciplines  of the professional training cycle in accordance with the curricula they are studying. Generalized information regarding students’ choice of disciplines and the formation of groups for their study is the basis for including these disciplines in the calculations of the study load of the respective departments for the next academic year.