Academic mobility is the opportunity for students to study, intern, or conduct research activities in another higher education institution or research institution within Ukraine or abroad.


Student exchange provides students with the opportunity to study within exchange programs (without interruption from their studies and with subsequent examination) at a partner university abroad, acquaint themselves with the education system of another country, and gain new knowledge and skills.

Exchange can be carried out on different commercial bases, depending on the working program agreed with the partner university for a specific academic year.

Upon return, students are obliged to pass their exams. Taking the difference in subjects studied at the partner university is carried out with an academic reference available.

Masters can participate in the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree program and study immediately at 3 universities.

Within the structure of Igor Sikorsky KPI, 5 international centers operate, aiming to develop cooperation with the respective countries:

The Department of Academic Mobility of Igor Sikorsky KPI is responsible for information support and documentation in matters of academic exchange of students and teachers, namely:

  • Information and consultation
  • Coordination of programs
  • Development of cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign universities
  • Organization of informational events aimed at promoting programs