The practice of students from the Department of Biomedical Cybernetics is conducted in accordance with the Regulations on the practice of students of higher educational institutions of Ukraine (for more details – and the Regulations on the procedure of conducting practice for higher education seekers of Igor Sikorsky KPI (for more details –

According to these regulations, the students’ practice is an integral part of the process of training specialists in higher educational institutions and is conducted at appropriately equipped educational institution bases, as well as at modern enterprises and in organizations of various sectors of the economy, education, health care, culture, trade, and state management.

The aim of the practice is for students to master modern methods, forms of organization, and tools of work in their future profession, to develop professional skills and abilities based on the knowledge obtained in higher educational institutions for making independent decisions during specific work in real market and production conditions, and to cultivate the need to systematically update their knowledge and creatively apply it in practical activities.

Experienced lecturers from departments, who took a direct part in the educational process on which the practice is conducted, are involved in the management of the students’ practice.

After the end of the practice period, students report on the fulfillment of the program and individual tasks.

The general and typical form of a student’s report on practice is the submission of a written report, signed and assessed directly by the supervisor from the practice base. The written report, along with other documents established by the educational institution (diary, characteristics, etc.), is submitted for review to the practice supervisor from the educational institution. The report should contain information about the student’s completion of all sections of the practice program and individual tasks, have sections on labor protection, conclusions and suggestions, a list of used literature, and more.

The practice report is defended by the student (with a differentiated grade) in a commission appointed by the head of the department or the deputy director of the educational institution. The commission includes practice supervisors from the higher educational institution and, if possible, from practice bases, faculty of the department, subject (cyclical) commission who taught the practicing students specialized disciplines.

During their studies, students undergo several types of practices:

Educational qualification level CoursePractice periodName of the practiceDocuments on practiceResearch work topics
Bachelors 4th year 17.04 – 21.05pre-diploma1. Practice guide
2. Order on topics
Masters 2nd year (professional level) 01.09 – 27.10practice1. Practice guide
2. Order on topics
 2nd year (scientific level) 06.02 – 12.03research1. Practice guide
2. Order on topics
*data for the 2023 academic year