Graduates of the Department of Biomedical Cybernetics at Faculty of Biomedical Engineering are highly valued in the job market. Thanks to their educational training, students become broad-profile specialists who are competitive in various fields of human activity. They are prepared for scientific research, project-based, and organizational-managerial activities, especially in the field of healthcare. Additionally, they can engage in scientific-technical, design, and production-technological activities in the field of computer network design and operation.

Employment of graduates is regulated by the provisions regarding the organization of Igor Sikorsky KPI – [link].

List of institutions, organizations, and enterprises where graduates of the Department of Biomedical Cybernetics work:

M.M. Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery

Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Diagnostics

National Specialized Children’s Hospital “OHMATDYT” of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Materialise Ukraine

EPAM Systems

Samsung R&D Institute


Intego Group


Ajax Systems