Research directions of the department

Processing and analysis of biomedical signals and medical images to extract meaningful information into information systems for disease analysis and diagnosis. The subject of development is new methods of texture analysis and new efficient information technologies for feature selection for use in medical decision support systems.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence. It encompasses methods such as neural networks, decision trees, support vector machines, etc., used for tasks like classification, diagnostics, analysis of large data volumes, and making forecasts based on identified patterns and correlations. The subject of development is refining existing artificial intelligence technologies and creating new hybrid systems for classifying biological object states.

Control systems and feedback mechanisms for regulating physiological processes such as blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, etc. The subject of research is technologies for analyzing the manifestation of a stress factor based on indicators of the circulatory system’s functional state and determining optimal influences to stabilize the human condition.

Methods for calculating individual treatment strategies in integrated medical information systems. For the existing database of medical history, parameters, and applied treatment strategies, the subject of development is methodologies for calculating individual optimal treatment strategies for new patients.

Integrated medical information systems focused on implementing functions of control, prevention, and patient treatment: creating a patient database, automated diagnostics, patient condition assessment, calculating an individual treatment strategy for a patient’s current illness, and developing preventive programs to enhance human productivity and improve health.

Modeling the rotational motion of blood in the arterial system to determine the fundamental principles of the human cardiovascular system’s operation. The subject of development is a vortex model of the rotational motion of blood in the human arterial system.