Olga Kravchenko

Assoc. Prof., PhD

Ph.D. in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Education: Bohdan Khmelnytsky Cherkasy State University with a specialty in “Mathematics” (Diploma ER 13929064)

Cherkasy Technological University, Faculty of Humanities Technologies with a specialty of Master in Philology, specializing in “Applied Linguistics” (Diploma M19 010979).

Scientific Degree: Ph.D. in Technical Sciences, 05.13.05 – computer systems and components on the topic “A method of predicting the reliability of discrete devices based on modeling the degradation process of computer components” (Diploma DK № 037997).

Academic Title: Associate Professor of the Department of Information Systems and Technologies (Certificate AD №008530 dated 27.09.2021).


  • “Information Software Tools”
  • “Design of Electronic Devices”
  • “CAD of Automated Systems”
  • “Database Design Technology of Expert Systems”
  • “Programming Business Logic in Databases”
  • “Object-Oriented Programming”
  • “Design of Information Systems”
  • “Basics of 3D Modeling”
  • “Automated Systems of Engineering Calculations”
  • “Higher Mathematics”
  • “Distributed Information Collection Systems”
  • “Fundamentals of Information Security”
  • “Basics of Parallel Studies”
  • “Fundamentals of Programming in Python”

Research and Interests:

  • Participant in the Erasmus+KA2 program project and executor of two research works without funding and one state budget topic.
  • Information and communication technologies in education and science
  • Development of information technologies for digital transformation of socio-economic systems
  • Study of the impact of external information on personality using IoT

Author and co-author of about 85 publications.

Email: bmk-kravchenko-fbmi@lll.kpi.ua